Managing the Waterway:
Hampton Roads, VA to Biscayne Bay, FL

An Enriched Cruising Guide for Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) Travelers

Our #1 recommendation to all new cruisers.
Norm & Judy Woods,
s/v Integrity



You’ll never be a local, but this enriched cruising guide makes you a “semi-local.” The Doyles have rethought and enriched the cruising guide concept in this all-you-need resource. The unique content and stress-reducing format enable you to confidently plan your trip and pilot your vessel while learning about and enjoying the Intracoastal Waterway’s wildlife, history, and culture.

First and foremost a navigation guide, MTW includes 443 GPS waypoints, 349 marine facilities, 283 anchorages, 142 bridges & locks (with alternate names, highway cross references, and telephone numbers), 43 ranges, 26 inlets, and 8 alternate routes. The MTW series of cruising guides also includes several unique features:

Rolling Header—Navigation pages have customized headers which “roll” page-by-page and mile-by-mile with your transit. A Safety Info tab lists VHF hailing and working channels and telephone numbers for the nearest U.S. Coast Guard, Sea Tow, and TowBoatU.S. stations. The strongest (and next south- or northbound) NOAA weather stations are also included. A Heads Up! tab highlights the next opening bridges, security zones, and navigational hazards which impact your safety or schedule.

DST Mixed Metric Table—The old distance-speed-time problem may seem trivial, until you remember the ICW is measured in statute miles but a vessel’s speed is displayed in nautical miles per hour (knots). Use this table to accurately determine ship's progress to make a bridge opening or estimate time to a marina or anchorage.

Waterway Chandleries—Listing 192 chandleries, MTW is the only guide cataloging marine stores within easy reach of ICW marinas and anchorages. The tables include addresses, telephone numbers, and distances from the closest marina.

Interpretive Vignettes—With over 260 interpretive vignettes, this cruising guide is more than a navigation book. Cruisers and armchair sailors alike travel bays, sounds, and rivers as the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway story unfolds. Vignettes on regional flora & fauna, history & folklore, and pop culture & local events highlight this slice of waterfront America.



Managing the Waterway: Hampton Roads, VA to Biscayne Bay, FL

An Enriched Cruising Guide for Intracoastal Waterway Travelers

US $24.95

172 pages

ISBN 978-0-2019617-0-0

Double-wire spiral

9 x 11 x 0.6 inches

1 pound 3 ounces

200 photos and illustrations

349 marine facilities

283 anchorages

443 GPS waypoints

142 bridges and locks

192 marine stores and chandleries

1202 websites and telephone numbers

266 interpretive vignettes

Sample Pages


Sample Pages

Test drive this Managing the Waterway guide with six pages from Chapter Two, "How to Use This Book." Click on a page image below to view the Sample Page in Adobe PDF format.


Managing the Guide
Our unique format combines a piloting guide, a nautical resource, an ICW tour, and a cockpit workbook.

State Big Pictures
A boater-centric overview of the geography lets you understand what's ahead.

State Introductions
Reference information and practical advice for each region before you start ticking off the miles.

Navigation and Appreciation
Mile-by-mile Rolling Header piloting information combines with interpretive vignettes on the ICW.

Facilities and Services
Plan ahead for moorage and supplies with detailed information on 349 marine facilities and 192 chandleries.

DST Table and Star Charts
Extra references, such as tables for statute mile conversions and star charts for fun constellations.



Praise for Managing the Waterway: ICW

If you are in the market for an ICW guide, this is the one to get
Good Old Boat Magazine
A very useful reference for anyone navigating the ICW for the first time or the twentieth time.
Dick Giddings
s/v St. Jude
This is a clearly superior, intelligently organized and very interesting guide that has raised the bar and will be the benchmark for cruising guides of the future.
Capt. Ken Rowe
m/v Careb
The book we wish we'd had when we first ventured down the ditch.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine
What a refreshingly different cruising guide! This is one of the best organized cruising guides we've ever had the pleasure to review.
Coastal Boating
MTW:ICW chosen in a "List of All Our Favorites"
Power Cruising Magazine
Loaded with big pictures and detailed, practical information, this guide's a good companion piece for anyone following the Intracoastal Waterway.
Cruising World
The best cruising book I've ever read.
Mike Martin
s/v Distant Music
We love your guide! It is extremely user-friendly and very informative. The info on counties, weather channels, and bridges is invaluable.
Mary Lou Hunt & Joan Gordon
s/v Catnip Too
I just completed the route from Norfolk to Boca Grande, FL and found your guide INVALUABLE!! The format is fantastic for review while underway and I am sure we saved many hours of planning due to its simplicity.
David Lindenbaum
m/v Bella Vita
We have given our boating friends this book because we loved it so much!!!
Ken & Helen Britton
s/v Tatiana
Just a note to say that MTW is a great resource. This fall was our 7th trip! We had family members aboard who are boaters but had never been on the ICW. The information was not only interesting but helpful in their understanding of the trip. An excellent job!
Doug Campbell
m/v Highlander
Gotta tell ya ... used your guide and found it very helpful on my 20-ish trip on the ICW!
Capt. Sterling
It is especially good for those doing the Waterway for the first time, although I learned quite a lot that I didn't already know.
Grandma Rosalie
s/v RosalieAnn
A great read! I learned more history, geography, and just plain fun facts than I have in a long time.
Lt. Rebecca Hillan
m/v Rag Top
I love your approach and layout.
Cindy Wallach
s/v Majestic
We love the overview charts! With other guides, you often have no idea where you are in relation to the coast and Waterway as a whole.
Diane & Alex Allmayer-Beck
s/v Ariel III
Managing the Waterway is a great cruising guide that we used everyday. GREAT JOB!!!
Beth & Terry Burns
m/v Sea Dog
The detail is impressive.
Practical Sailor
Having had my share of stressful incidents in the dozen or so trips I've made down the ditch, I can appreciate the value of being able to find what you need to know when you need it. The Doyles have succeeded admirably in this respect.
Southwinds Magazine
Detailed mile-by-mile information and a broader view that helps remove the waterway 'blinkers'.
Atlantic Boating News
Another ICW cruising guide? Yep, but this one has four 'enrichments' not found in any of the other guides.
Latitudes & Attitudes
Our #1 recommendation to all new cruisers.
Norm & Judy Woods