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Managing the Waterway cruising guides are cockpit-friendly guides that provide information page-by-page and mile-by-mile. Our unique style combines navigation with appreciation, making the fundamentals less stressful so you can enjoy the sights along the way.

Much more than an e-charting software book, Get Onboard With E-Charting is a book for any boater who owns a computer.

Managing the Waterway: Inland Waterway Chart Guide

An Illustrated Cruising Guide to the Great Loop Inland Waterway: Chicago to Mobile

Vol. 1: Chicago, IL to Paducah, KY

The first release of the Chart Guide series, now in large format (12 ¾" x 17 ¾") and full color. Several "guides within the guide," including Annotated Chart Screenshots of every mile, over 500 documentary-style navigation photos, an extensive section on how to plan and prepare for the trip, and full-color route maps. Also includes signature features such as the Mile-by-Mile Column of piloting information, the customized Rolling Header™ of safety information, and nearly 200 Interpretive Vignettes on the route.


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Managing the Waterway: ICW Cruising Guide

Managing the Waterway: Hampton Roads, VA to Biscayne Bay, FL

An Enriched Cruising Guide for Intracoastal Waterway Travelers

Confidently navigate the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) while learning about and enjoying the route's wildlife, history, and culture. This all-you-need cruising and navigation guide includes 349 marine facilities, 283 anchorages, 443 waypoints, and 192 marine stores. Also includes bridge details plus 266 interpretive vignettes, 200 photos & illustrations, and over 1200 websites & telephone numbers.


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Managing the Waterway: Florida Keys Cruising Guide

Managing the Waterway: Biscayne Bay, FL to Dry Tortugas, FL

An Enriched Cruising Guide for Florida Keys Travelers

Based on our popular ICW format, the Florida Keys guide also includes 90 pages of annotated NOAA charts (highlighting waterside references such as marinas, anchorages, waypoints, routes, dive & snorkel sites, crossovers, routes to southwest Florida, etc.) and annotated County maps (featuring 256 shoreside services in 19 categories including grocery, hardware, and marine stores; libraries, post offices, and laundries; pharmacies, hospitals, and animal hospitals).


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Get Onboard with E-Charting

The Complete Reference Guide to Electronic Charting
and PC-Based Marine Navigation

The book everyone should read before bringing a laptop aboard. Full color with over 100 photos, screenshots, and illustrations. Written for beginning to advanced electronic charting navigators. Includes feature comparison tables, troubleshooting and power-user hints, technical sidebars, product reviews, web resources, and a CD with trial software.


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